Who Are We

Who we are

Our Founder

Maxime Makhlouf ITTAH, the founder of 1Way, completed his studies at Technion in 1984 and at École Centrale de Paris in 1988. After three years of research, he developed a new method to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem. He tested his method on various well-known cases in the field, such as Dantiz42 and Berlin12, and indeed achieved better results.

In February 2023, he filed a patent for the new method of solving the Traveling Salesman Problem, and in September 2023, the patent was granted. In March 2023, he also participated in the 15th National Innovation, Research, and Technology Development Competition, focusing on the same research topic. The results are still under deliberation as of September 2023.

Subsequently, he decided to create the 1WAY application, which will enable individuals facing this problem to solve it quickly and efficiently in an optimal manner.