Return To The Starting Point

Return to the starting point

Improve your travels or delivery routes with time savings, fuel efficiency, and enhanced customer service. Custom-designed for businesses requiring strategic route planning with multiple stops, this algorithm ensures an ‘RETURN TO STARTING POINT’ circuit that is highly efficient.

Key Features:

  1. General Overview:
    The user starts from a location, such as a warehouse, and is expected to return to this warehouse after delivering multiple stops.
  2. Optimal Result:

    The result displayed within 1 second, even in the case of 100 stops, achieves optimal results in 99.96% of cases.

  3. Settings:

    Before initiating the request, the user can adjust certain parameters such as:

       – Display in kilometers or miles

       – Type of vehicles used

       – Uniform average delivery time for all stops

       – Environment in which they will operate

       – Preferred language for operation

  4. Effortless Navigation:

    Once the circuit is displayed, the user can navigate from one stop to another using Waze directly from the circuit results page, ensuring a smooth journey.

  5. Comprehensive Circuit Details:

    Access the complete distance and duration of the circuit, allowing you to plan and manage your schedule efficiently.