The Product

Any business involved in its primary or secondary activities that requires traveling to multiple locations with stops and, consequently, the need to optimize these movements. Here are some types of businesses that can benefit from 1WAY:

- Courier services

- School transportation

- Employee transportation

- Distribution

- Retail distribution and sales

- Waste collection

- Propane and energy delivery

- Airport shuttle service

- Asset recovery

- Sales and customer visits

- Mystery shopping tours

- Laboratory courier

- Lawn maintenance

-Bailiffs/Law enforcement

1WAY is an application that optimally solves the problem of delivery routes. In essence, it is a DELIVERY ROUTE OPTIMIZER. In summary, it addresses the challenges faced by delivery drivers who have multiple packages to deliver to various addresses and want to determine the shortest route. It resolves issues such as:

- Optimizing the route with a return to the starting point

- Optimizing the route with a destination different from the starting point

Several features are added, such as:

- The ability to create a custom route

- Display of estimated arrival time at each destination

- The option to run the route with the assistance of a navigator (default is Waze).

- Setting a delivery time

- Choosing a working language

- Choosing between displaying distances in kilometers or miles

- Selecting the type of vehicle (truck, car, motorcycle)

- Indicating whether the vehicle will operate in urban, interurban, or mixed zones.

Additionally, 1WAY allows you to execute the route using a navigator (Waze by default).

Known navigation apps assist with navigation: they help you navigate from your current location to a desired destination. When planning multiple stops, these apps allow you to enter several waypoints, but they do not provide an optimal route; they merely guide you in the order you entered the stops. 1WAY, on the other hand, allows you to select multiple stops, compiles them, and gives you the best route. 1WAY is a delivery route optimizer.

Yes, once the optimal route is created, the user can launch navigation directly. The Waze navigator opens by default and guides you from one address to another until you reach the final destination. Soon, users will have the option to choose between multiple navigators (Waze, Google Maps, etc.) and select the one they find most user-friendly.

Yes, the application also has a second main feature that allows you to create a route with a different endpoint from the starting point.

Currently, 1WAY operates in six languages:

- French

- English

- Spanish

- Arabic

- Russian

- Chinese

In 2024, the following seven languages will be added:

- German

- Dutch

- Portuguese

- Italian

- Hebrew

- Korean

- Japanese

In 2025, the following nine languages will be added:

- Hungarian

- Bulgarian

- Romanian

- Polish

- Danish

- Finnish

- Swedish

- Norwegian

- Icelandic

This will bring the total to 22 languages.