Usage & Operation

1WAY allows you to optimize the process of determining the order in which destinations (stops) should be visited to cover the shortest distance. 1WAY is built on a powerful and recent algorithm that differs significantly from existing algorithms. Here are the basic steps of how it works:


  - Create addresses (contacts, destinations). The creation of these addresses only needs to be done once.


  - Check travel parameters (urban environment, vehicle type, average time per stop). Not adjusting these parameters does not influence the calculation of the optimal route. Therefore, it's crucial: even if the parameters are not modified, the optimal route will still be generated.

- 3rd step: Create a route among the three available options, namely:

  1. With a return to the starting point
  2. With a different arrival point from the starting point
  3. Compose your own sequence of address visits. The route is thus created.


- 4th step: Navigate to execute your journey according to the optimal route generated by the application.

Yes, 1WAY utilizes a sophisticated algorithm. Indeed, among all existing algorithms known in the state of the art, 1WAY claims to have a faster and more accurate algorithm than existing and known algorithms. The calculation and resolution method (used by 1WAY) for optimizing routes like this one have been patented.

Yes, the foundation of the 1WAY application is address creation. Once an address is created, it is saved in 'MY ADDRESSES' forever (unless deleted).

Each user enters their own addresses. In most businesses, each driver serves a specific area, possibly with 200 to 480 clients in their sector. The time it takes to enter a contact is less than 1 minute. The driver only enters the contacts that are relevant to them and is not obliged to enter all contacts at once.

Some places may lack traditional addresses, but every location in the world has GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude). Therefore, it is possible to create a contact even if it is in an 'isolated' location.

Yes, the application also has a second main feature that allows you to create a route with a different endpoint from the starting point.